"Mister Sweeper's microfiber mop set has been a God-send. The best product I've purchased in a long time, thank you very much."  - Tom and Liz - Cobble hill.

"Thank you so much for all the great service installing our new Canavac central vac system. The suction is fantastic and the powerhead kit they recommended is the best I've ever owned." - Marilyn and Wayne - Shawnigan Lake.

"Thank you Mister Sweeper for carrying the best selection of organic cleaners and microfiber mops!" - Lynne - Victoria.

 Mr. & Mrs. S  of Cobble Hill bought a Shark Sonic Duo for hardwood, carpet and ceramic tile cleaning. Her husband had to get down on his hands and knees and scrub the floor. They bought the Shark and his wife did the tile the first time and they couldn't beleive it that the tile was the cleanest it has ever been and her husband can't wait to do the floor the next time. Thank to Mister Sweeper Vacuums in Duncan ( Terry ) for recommending the Shark Sonic Duo it has made our lives so much easier.

Mrs B of Duncan purchased a Shark Sonic Duo hardwood, Carpet and ceramic tile Cleaner.  She realy likes it and would recommend this for anyone who wants to make their life a lot easier.

Mrs. Gallacher of Duncan purchased a Shark Sonic Duo and says it's the best appliance she's ever purchased. She likes that it's light weight, easy to move, and that you can wash the pads  

Ian and Cindy of Cobble Hill purchased a shark Sonic Duo and they really like it. Ian actually enjoys cleaning the hardwood floor now because the machine is so easy to use

Judy of Duncan really likes her new Shark Sonic Duo, says she would recommend it to anyone

Charlotte of Shawnigan Lake says she loves her new Shark Sonic Duo. She says before she bought the Shark she disliked cleaning her floors very much and now finds it extremely easy, she says that she would highly recommend it   

Camille of Duncan says she likes her Shark Rocket Ultra Light vacuum very much. She says it's lightweight and turns very easy, Camille says she would recommend it to anyone and wants to buy one for her sister 

Victor of Duncan says that the Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away is the best vacuum he's ever owned. He says it's lightweight and steers very easily, would recommend to anyone   

Cory of Duncan says he really likes his Shark Navigator upright, finds it easy to use and works very well

Shiela of Mill Bay says she loves her White Shark Pro upright vacuum. She says it has everything she wanted in a vacuum and more being that it's easy to use, swivels effortlessly at the powerhead and has recommended it already to all her friends.    


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