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"Vacsoc" is a protective cover for the central vacuum hose. Vacsoc prevents scratches, dents, chips and scruff marks caused by the central vacuum hose rubbing against interior contents of the home.

   Like the original Knitted Vacsoc, the Zippered Padded Vacsoc is a protective central vacuum hose cover that prevents scratches, dents, chips and scuff marks to the interior contents of a home, such as floors, furniture, and walls... The Padded Vacsoc is made of a washable soft padded quilted polyfill material. It is currently available in an array of many different colours and patterns. The Padded Vacsoc offers more protection due to its thickness and is easier to apply onto the hose. The Padded Vacsoc is end fitted with cotton string closures and a "staylock" flap closure ensuring a non-slip fit.

Available in Navy Blue, Silver and Taupe

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