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Trend Window Cloth

Streak-Free and Forever. 

Toss out ALL your toxic window cleaners, or even the non-toxic ones. This premium Microfiber window/glass cloth is ALL you need. Shine your mirrors and wash your windows to a streak-free finish...with JUST WATER.

There is no comparison.  100% Microfiber. Imported from Europe. Highest quality microfiber, with each individual strand split 10 times for the best natural cleaning power. This remarkable cloth is made from the finest microfiber fabric on the market. Its magnetic properties, which are in the weave, help to keep surfaces clean, dust-free and sparkling in an instant without using any cleaning products!

These cloths fought the super bug problem in Europe. Now they are here for anti-bacterial cleaning in your home.

Long term investment that is truly a win-win.  It's okay to expect a cloth to last more than a few years.

The benefits of this high quality Microfiber Cloth include: 

  • Easy and quick to use - saves up to 50% in cleaning time
  • Microdust removal - no sneezing, sniffling or chemical allergies
  • No use of chemicals -Just use water!
  • Long lasting - Expect this to be around for more than just a few years
  • It is hygenic, durable and can be used almost anywhere
  • For dusting surfaces, use dry.
  • Use on all mirrors, glass, windows, faucets, hardware, chrome and other shiny things in and around your home.

Microfiber Cloth Care:

  • Before first use of your new cloth, be sure to rinse it in hot water, wring and shake out.
  • Machine washable up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (use a mesh bag) or hand wash with Gentle Earth's Handcrafted Soap.
  • DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener!
  • DO NOT put into dryer or iron, as lint will be attracted.
  • DO NOT use with chemical cleaning products! If cleaning chemicals come into contact with the fine microfibers, it can cause them to stick together and actually smear the surface you are cleaning, If this happens, wash the cloth and rinse well.

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