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Panasonic vacuums have one of today'’s most advanced filtration systems for capturing both dirt and allergens so your home stays clean and healthy. Whatever cleaning requirements are needed, Panasonic upright vacuums have the capability to deliver.
 Panasonic MC-UG223 Upright

Motor Protection System

The advanced vacuum system channels dust and dirt particles directly into the vacuum bag, which helps protect the fan and motor.

Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment
The automatic carpet adjustment automatically adjusts to the proper setting for just about any carpet height.

On-Board Tools
Your vacuum's on-board tools mean fast, easy cleaning. The hose, wand, dusting brush and crevice tool are all attached to the vacuum, giving you instant access to powerful, above-floor cleaning

Reach the Difficult Spots!
A 9-Foot Attachment makes for easy, efficient cleaning. Your dusting brush and crevice tool will be able to reach the spots where dirt hides, all around the house.

  • Powerful 12 Amp Motor
  • On-Board Tools
    • Standard Wand
    • Dusting Brush
    • Crevice Tool
  • 14-Inch Cleaning Path
  • Auto Carpet Height Adjustment
  • 25-Foot Power Cord
  • 9-Foot Attachment Reach
  • Motor Protection System
  • Designed for Quiet Operation

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