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The ProShield® Plus Air Purifier is an easy, portable, proactive way to help capture allergens from the air that passes through the filter. Plus breakdown odors and volatile organic components from the air that passes through the Helios Shield permanent odor absorber.

Every time you close your front door, you’re sealing yourself in with airborne dust and allergens. Some you can smell. Most you can’t. The Oreck ProShield® Plus constantly moves the air, drawing in and trapping those particulates. The powerful filtration captures pet dander, dust, and other allergens

Contemporary styling. Advanced engineering. Compact design. Complete portability.

The secret to the Oreck ProShield Plus’s powerful performance is Oreck’s exclusive Truman Cell® filtration system. As the air circulates through it, Oreck’s patented Truman Cell® electronically charges dust and allergens and pulls them out of the air like a magnet; then, the Helios Shield reduces common household odors leaving cleaner, fresher smelling air.


Top Features:

  • Perfect for small rooms up to 600 square feet.
  • Permanent Helios Shield® reduces odors and VOCs.
  • Remote control lets you control the unit from across the room
  • Permanent Truman Cell® filter cleans easily & never needs replacing.
  • Dual Orientation - Lays flat horizontally or on its side vertically; fits in tight spaces.


 Color: gun-metal

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