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The convenience of a utility valve where you need it! Often a central vacuum installed in a garage or storage room does not lend itself as the best location for a utility valve. Cana-Vac offers a separate 24 volt valve to place nearest the garage door for easy outdoor cleaning of your car: RV or boat. Can also be used as an additional valve within the home if needed. ---Filtration Micro-Tex®--- The primary purpose of the filter is to protect the motor. The secondary benefit is that it allows the unit to be vented indoors if outside venting is not an option. The Micro-Tex filter is an efficient maintenance free filter. This filter never needs to be removed: washed or require any mandatory maintenance. This filter removes most 'dirt cake' upon shutdown ---Hybrid Bag or Bagless Technology--- A new era of central vacuum combines the cleanliness and convenience of a bag system coupled with bagless flexibility. The choice is entirely yours! Cana-Vac's revolutionary disposable fabric like bag offers the ultimate in allergen protection and sanitation by ending the mess associated with emptying the dirt canister. So amazing this technology: unlike conventional paper bags which rip and tear: this heavy duty bag has an exterior which remains clean and white even after use. Filtration of 99.4% of dust allergens means no dirty hands: mess or allergen ridden dust plume!

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